Raising the Grade

Raising the Grade

                                                   RAISING THE GRADE

BGCN believes that every young person deserves the chance to reach their full potential. We also believe that education is key to helping young people realize this potential. 

This program designed to provide basic academic support (literacy, numeracy, and languages), tools and resources needed to excel both inside and outside of the classroom. It is dedicated to helping youth in the Niagara Region to overcome the barriers they face in getting the most out of their education, particularly those who are at risk due to poverty, isolation, being new to the region, or who face challenges at home.

This program is aimed at increasing academic skills, high school graduation rates and access to post-secondary education for at-risk youth from our clubs across the region. Boys and Girls Clubs of Niagara (St. Catharines Facer Street location) is pleased to offer this program to youth in our communities. 

Youth will be provided with the skills, tools, and opportunities necessary to excel academically and secure their future success as productive, independent and contributing members of society. It is an interactive after-school program that allows youth to explore their personal interests, receive homework support, connect with mentors and/or tutors, interact with peers, increase their digital literacy and plan for post-secondary education. 

Raising the Grade Technology Centres

The Raising the Grade Technology Centres provide youth with a designated space delivering access to high-speed Internet and current technology including computers and other electronic resources to support learning. They offer a positive, collaborative environment in which youth feel comfortable and engaged. Each participating Club will have specific times during the week when only Raising the Grade participants will have access. Outside of the program hours, all other Club members will have the opportunity to use the Raising the Grade Technology Centres. 

Welcome to the Raising the Grade program, St. Catharines!

Our hours of operation are:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday: 2:00pm - 6:00pm
*RTG program runs for participants to come in & meet with their mentors for a weekly check in (participants can arrange a meeting time with their mentor the week prior); go over weekly programs, activities & challenges. Participate in group and personal activities and/or receive homework help if needed.

**Trips, workshops, and guest speakers will be discussed with participants on an ongoing basis; the schedule is subject to change without notice.

Transportation is available for pick-up and drop-off but must be arranged beforehand on a personal basis, via Club buses to designated locations.  Designated drop-off spots TBD.

Please contact RTG Education Manager, David Tullo with any questions or concerns:

[email protected] 

2 Facer Street 

St.  Catharines, ON, L2M 5G9  

T: 905-937-1072

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