Nightlight Youth Services

Nightlight Youth Services

Nightlight Youth Services

Nightlight Youth Services is located at 5519 Ontario Ave in Niagara Falls, offering residential programs for youth aged 16-30 which provide a safe, supervised and supportive environment to assist youth to reach their full potential.

Nightlight Youth Services offers 6 core services:

The front unit offers Short Term residence for youth who are homeless or are without secure stable housing. This program provides for the basic needs of youth while supporting them with meeting their goals through the provision of 24-hour staffing and intake, resources and the implementation of Development Programs.

The rear unit offers long-term supported Transitional Housing for male youth. This 8-bed residence offers more independence but will include staff supports to encourage and empower youth to build competencies and build life skills. The goal of the program is to prepare residents for independence and strengthen their capacity for success as self-sufficient members of our community.

Youth who have transitioned into the community may continue to access Aftercare Support Services. Some examples of these services are a phone, internet, supportive counselling, housing search assistance, resume building and more.

Nightlight Youth Services offers a variety of development, recreation, and life skills programming on a daily basis. In addition, staff work closely with youth to develop goals and assist youth in achieving these goals. As well, Nightlight Youth Services offers a confidential meeting space where youth can meet with workers and outreach services and programs on site.

The Youth Mentorship Program is available for youth to develop skills in learning to co-facilitate programming with staff and provide it to their peer group.  This will allow youth the opportunity to develop new skills, give back to the program and to be a leader amongst their peers.

Volunteers and Placement Students have the opportunity to learn and develop skills while working in a safe environment with qualified staff supervision.  Nightlight Youth Services provides placement opportunities to students from several college and university programs.

Referrals can be made 24 hours/day, 7 days/week and staff can be reached at 905-358-3678

Short Term Residence Program Flyer

Transitions Program Flyer

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Youth Mentorship Program Flyer 

Youth Mentorship Program Application Form

Nightlight Transitions Application Form 

- Please note Nightlight transitions is for males only.

In their words- Please feel free to view youth feedback about our programs and services

A special Thank you from a former Transitions resident

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Nightlight Youth Services

5519 Ontario Avenue

Niagara Falls, ON

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